(Task Information) Book Report 2018

One of the agenda which are held by STBA Pertiwi is called Book Report. This is one of the agenda which the students must join. This agenda are held in order to measure the ability of the students especially in STBA Pertiwi in analyzing a book. The Book Report activities are for all students in their 4th Semester in STBA Pertiwi. Book Report are also held for measuring the english skills of the students for the score in their main english subjects such as Reading Comprehension, Conversation, dan Composition.


  • To help the students to be able to summarize the analyzed books which have been comprehended well.
  • The students are able to empower their own skills in reading comprehension, composition, and conversation through book report activities.
  • The students are able to present the book report orally in a well-integrated way in front of the examiners.
  • The students are able to build and develop their confidence through individual presentation.

These are the title of the books which will be analyzed by the students of STBA Pertiwi:

  1. The Queen of Death
  2. Letters from the Grave
  3. The House of A Thousand Lanterns
  4. Doctor Zhivago
  5. Wuthering Heights
  6. The Mayor of Casterbridge
  7. Meet Me in Istanbul
  8. Our Mutual Friend
  9. The Great Gatsby
  10. The Stranger
  11. Washington Square
  12. Treasure Island
  13. Silas Marner
  14. Robinson Crusoe
  15. DR. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  16. The Pearl
  17. Great Expectations
  18. The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn
  19. King Menggala’s Treasure
  20. The Black Cat
  21. The Picture of Dorian Gray
  22. The Hound of the Baskerville
  23. The Enchanted April
  24. Pride and Prejudice
  25. The Sign of Four
  26. The Beautiful and the Damned
  27. The Return of the Native
  28. Bristoll Murder
  29. The Smuggler
  30. The Woman Who Disappeared
  31. The Case of the Lonely Lady
  32. Ivanhoe
  33. Bleak House
  34. The Man of Property
  35. Officially Dead


This is the download link for the material and explanation of Book Report 2018:


Daftarkan Dirimu di Beasiswa PPA STBA Pertiwi!




Pendidikan adalah salah hal penting dalam menjalani kehidupan. Pendidikan membantu seseorang dalam meningkatkan pola pikir yang lebih baik dalam menggapai cita-cita. Pendidikan tinggi merupakan salah satu level pendidikan yang penting, dimana pada pendidikan tinggi, seseorang dapat lebih mengarungi hobi atau kesenangannya dengan mengambil jurusan yang tepat di perkuliahannya.

Bahasa Inggris ataupun Sastra Inggris merupakan salah satu jurusan yang cukup banyak diminati, mengingat bahasa Inggris saat ini merupakan bahasa Internasional. Banyak sekali orang yang ingin mengambil jurusan yang di dalamnya kaya akan pengetahuan bahasa Inggris dan kebudayaan bahasa Inggris itu. Konon katanya, jika seseorang belajar bahasa Inggris atau pun Sastra Inggris itu sendiri, seseorang tersebut akan bertambah lebih bijak dalam menjalani kehidupan karena banyak pelajaran yang diambil dari cerita atau kebudayaan dari Inggris tersebut.

Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing Pertiwi, mendapat kepercayaan dari  Koordinator Perguruan Tinggi Swasta Wilayah III atau Kopertis Wilayah III untuk menerima 10 paket Beasiswa Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik (B-PPA) 2018. Paket Beasiswa ini diperuntukkan bagi mahasiswa STBA Pertiwi khususnya. Bagaimana cara mendaftarnya?

Persyaratan Pendaftaran : 

  1. Mengajukan permohonan kepada Ketua Cq. Puket III bidang kemahasiswaan.
  2. Terdaftar/aktif sebagai mahasiswa ( minimal semester III ) dibuktikan dengan KTM/Kartu Mahasiswa.
  3. Memiliki IPK paling rendah 3,0 dengan bukti foto copy transkrip nilai/KHS semester terakhir yang disyahkan oleh pejabat yang berwenang.
  4. Surat Keterangan penghasilan orang tua/wali pemohon dan disahkan oleh yang berwenang ( bagi pegawai negeri.swasta disyahkan oleh bagian keuangan dan yang bukan pegawai disahkan oleh lurah/kepala desa )
  5. Surat pernyataan tidak sedang menerima beasiswa dari sumber lain pada waktu yang sama diketahui oleh Puket III bidang Kemahasiswaan .
  6. Surat Keterangan berkelakuan baik dari Pimpinan Prodi
  7. Calon penerima BBP-PPA ditentukan melalui hasil seleksi yang dilakukan oleh Tim Seleksi Beasiswa yang dibentuk dan diangkat berdasarkan Keputusan Ketua
  8. Persyaratan diatas disampaikan paling lambat tanggal 24 Mei 2018
  9. Bersedia membuka rekening Bank BRI atas nama mahasiswa penerima beasiswa PPA


Dengan adanya beasiswa ini, mahasiswa yang nantinya akan mendapatkan beasiswa Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik akan meningkatkan prestasi belajarnya dan memajukan STBA Pertiwi kedepannya. Mari berprestasi, untuk Indonesia yang lebih baik dan maju!

Persyaratan Beasiswa Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik

Do You Need Tips for Your Exams? There You Go!


Let’s admit that whenever you want to face the examination, you will feel the fear, worry, or even the feeling that you can’t explain at all. Don’t worry! It is a common thing among the students or the college students. You and other students may think that the exam would change your life and if you didn’t get good scores then you wouldn’t get good friends or even you would get angry from your parents. That is why you have to prepare yourself and you have your own confidence to face it.

There are some ways to prepare yourselves before facing the examination. You may want to take a look for a while the tips to face the examination below…

  1. Be confidence

This is what you have burried in your mind and heart. Believe in your self and be confidence. Every person has their own ability but some of them can show it. The first thing that you have to do  is giving your confidence of your ability, then you can use them in your exam. You don’t have to be afraid. It is only the exam and you just have to be confidence to finish it.

  1. Write or draw the worries

This is the simple way. Some college students must hold some papers before the examination. All of the papers are for the materials in the exam. You will always open them whenever you want to face the exam. Now, provide one blank paper and try to write all of your worries. This is the effective way to reduce your stress. You may write all of your problems or your fear. If you love to draw, you may draw your feeling to whatever shape or things you want.

  1. Do fun activities

You may have your own hobby or fun ways to spend the leisure time. Now, before you face the exam, try to do your hobby or fun ways which you always do in your leisure time. This might help you to reduce or not to think about the exam first. Some people may always think about the difficulties of the exam without knowing or doing something fun to reduce them. Now, you may try to reduce the stress by doing some things fun. You can go to the dream park spending your holiday there, shout as hard as you can. You may also do your hobbies and produce some cool stuff. It’s all up to you as long as it is fun for you.

  1. Do the Mind Mapping

This is the unique way that some of you may be a new person to use. Doing the mind mapping will help you to remember the materials of a lecture  or lesson. The mind mapping helps you to remember the things which will be divided into some pictures and mostly some people use the mind mapping with the picture of the clouds. If you want to do the mind mapping, then you have to decide what lesson or topics which you would like to make. For instance, you want to make the mind mapping about ‘simple present tense’, so you have to make some of the clouds, flowers, or circles which have the important points of the lesson. Then, you connect them with the line and make sure that you make them with the colorful markers or pen, so that you won’t find them boring to look up or memorize.

  1. Don’t read and memorize all the lessons in one night!

It is not really effective and it is only make you feel tired and stress. Try to study all the lessons after the lessons have been taught by the lecturer or the teacher. Keep practicing all of the exercise the lecturer have given. If you just study the lecture or lesson in one night, your brain will blow up and it only makes you feel lazy to study because there are a lot of topics and lessons to be studied, memorized, and understood. So, let’s train yourself to practice all the time and not giving too much time to study some lessons in the night before the exam.

  1. Make a study’s group

Some students may feel so shy when they have chances to ask the teacher or the lecturer, that is why they may feel comfortable when they ask their friends about difficult things on the lessons. Because of that, some students are suggested to make a group of study before the exam, or they may make it during the active semester. The students who don’t understand or can’t absorb the lessons well can ask the fast learner students who understand the lessons. With the group discussion, they can share everything about the lessons without embarrassed.

So now, you have had the tips to face the examination without fear and worry. It is all up to you, which are the best tips for you?