Book Report 2019

Book report is one of the annual Co-curricular Programs in STBA Pertiwi.

The objectives of Book Report Program are that the students will be able to:

  • Summarize the analyzed books which have been comprehended well,
  • Empower their own skills in reading comprehension, composition, and conversation through book report activities,
  • Present the book report orally in a well-integrated way in front of the examiners,
  • Build and develop their confidence through individual presentation.

It applies for students of semester IV, V, and for every student who:

  • takes Reading for TOEIC/Reading 5
  • takes Persuasive and Argumentative Writing/Composition 5
  • takes Presentation/ Conversation 5 and
  • has not joined Book Report Program

The analysis will be taken from random chosen/selected short-stories. It is also regarded as the final integrated assignment for subjects like: Reading, Writing/Composition & Conversation 4 & 5.

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