(Task Information) Book Report 2018

One of the agenda which are held by STBA Pertiwi is called Book Report. This is one of the agenda which the students must join. This agenda are held in order to measure the ability of the students especially in STBA Pertiwi in analyzing a book. The Book Report activities are for all students in their 4th Semester in STBA Pertiwi. Book Report are also held for measuring the english skills of the students for the score in their main english subjects such as Reading Comprehension, Conversation, dan Composition.


  • To help the students to be able to summarize the analyzed books which have been comprehended well.
  • The students are able to empower their own skills in reading comprehension, composition, and conversation through book report activities.
  • The students are able to present the book report orally in a well-integrated way in front of the examiners.
  • The students are able to build and develop their confidence through individual presentation.

These are the title of the books which will be analyzed by the students of STBA Pertiwi:

  1. The Queen of Death
  2. Letters from the Grave
  3. The House of A Thousand Lanterns
  4. Doctor Zhivago
  5. Wuthering Heights
  6. The Mayor of Casterbridge
  7. Meet Me in Istanbul
  8. Our Mutual Friend
  9. The Great Gatsby
  10. The Stranger
  11. Washington Square
  12. Treasure Island
  13. Silas Marner
  14. Robinson Crusoe
  15. DR. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  16. The Pearl
  17. Great Expectations
  18. The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn
  19. King Menggala’s Treasure
  20. The Black Cat
  21. The Picture of Dorian Gray
  22. The Hound of the Baskerville
  23. The Enchanted April
  24. Pride and Prejudice
  25. The Sign of Four
  26. The Beautiful and the Damned
  27. The Return of the Native
  28. Bristoll Murder
  29. The Smuggler
  30. The Woman Who Disappeared
  31. The Case of the Lonely Lady
  32. Ivanhoe
  33. Bleak House
  34. The Man of Property
  35. Officially Dead


This is the download link for the material and explanation of Book Report 2018:


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