4 Things About English Language You Must Know!

As English has become an International Language, it is important to be learnt by everyone in this world. There are some reasons why English has been chosen as an International language that one of the reasons behind it, is English is easy to learn and understand. Regardless that English is an International Language, some people might want to know why English is interesting to be learnt deeply. It is not only learnt in 4 skills English but also it is interesting to find some things about English and its origin.

We have known that English also becomes one of the majors in University or College. Some people are interested in learning English not only about its grammar but also about the culture where the language comes from. Here are four must-know things about English you probably have only known some.

  1. Different region, different accent/dialect

People who know or learn about English may only know the English accent from the American accent or the British accent. But, do you know that in England or United Kingdom, people who live in different region of the country will have their different English accent and dialect. According to the dialectblog.com, the “standard accent” of English came from the 19th century term called Received Pronunciation. A term was from a linguist A.J. Ellis. There are some different accents with their different regions from United Kingdom.

Here they are:

  1. Cockney (East End of London)
  2. Estuary English (Southeast British)
  3. West Country (Southwest British)
  4. Midlands English/Brummie (Birmingham English/East Midlands/West Midlands)
  5. Northern England English (North of the Midlands, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, and Rural Yorkshire)
  6. Geordie (Newcastle, Northeast England, half Northern England)
  7. Welsh English (Wales)
  8. Scottish English (Scotland)

These are only the British Accent as we know that English comes from the United Kingdom. They have their own characteristics from the languages or the pronunciation themselves.

  1. Learning culture from the literature works and be wise

When we read or listen about other people’s stories, we might learn some other stories or even the advice behind them. Other than advice or the lessons behind those stories, we can learn the cultures from the literature works, especially from English Literature. We can learn the culture and some British cultural lesson from the literature works such as prose, drama and poetry. For instance, we can learn the British culture from Harry Potter (J.K Rowling), Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen), or from the books of William Shakespeare, the famous author from United Kingdom. Those are the example of the books. You don’t like reading? Don’t worry! You still can learn the literature works from the drama or movie.

The drama or the movie are not only about the entertainment but also the description about some cultures or the norms which happen in the society. The drama or the movie describes the culture, the lesson, of some societies clearly through the motion pictures. People are easily to understand the situation and the description of the society or cultures themselves. You can  try to watch movie such as The Canterbury Tales, Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, and etc.

People who learn culture through the English literature will be wiser than other people who don’t, but why? Because they try to analyze and understand the issues which happen in each literature works and sometimes they apply the ways to solve or understand the issues in their real life. So, it’s up to you, do you want to learn other cultures, especially English cultures, through prose, drama, movie, or poetry?

  1. Getting the borrowing-words from the rival

Not all English words as their pure words which come from United Kingdom or English Speaking Countries. Some of the English vocabularies are not originally from United Kingdom, they are borrowed from other countries, especially from the countries which were the rival of Great Britain.

France is the country which had ever been a rival of Great Britain. There were some wars which happened between these two countries. The very first war started in the year of 1066 A.D. The war called French Invasion of Normandy. The famous war was The French Revolution which started in 1793-1802 A.D. The war involved Britain because some part of the land also had become a place of the war.

Because of these wars, the English language was also influenced by the French. For instance, Ballet which means an artistic dance form performed to music. Another example is government which means the group of people with the authority to govern a country or a state. This word originated from Middle English when the government of Old French governed in Britain.

German is also the country which had ever been a rival of Great Britain. In the 5th century, German people called The Anglo-Saxon landed in England. The Anglo-Saxon came from the Northern Germany. Therefore, England has big history with Germany. Moreover, the famous battle between German and England started the World War I and it was continued in the year 1939 when Britain declared war on Germany which was called World War II.

As we know that German did some wars on Britain and the first people to come was the Anglo-Saxon people, English language is also influenced by the country. German words which are also used in English language are fest which means a festival or gathering devoted to a particular activity or interest and kindergarten which means an establishment where children below the age of compulsory education play and learn. Both words came from the middle 19th Century.

Behind all the wars which had happened, those countries with Great Britain live peacefully now. They just did some wars and made some regulations, but they are put together, especially by the languages.

  1. Are you interested in learning English Linguistics or English Literature?

If you are committed to learn English language deeply, you must know these two terms, English Linguistics and English Literature. Both are the science which are learn in English major. But some people will choose their passion between Linguistics and Literature to be learnt deeply.

  1. Linguistics

According to the Oxford Online Dictionary, Linguistics is the scientific study of language and its structure, including the study of grammar, syntax, and phonetics. The linguistics refers to the systematic study of language. In English studies, when we learn about linguistics we will learn the fields such as English phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and phonetics. A person who studies linguistics or a person skilled in foreign language called linguist.

  1. Literature

According to the Oxford Online Dictionary, Literature is the written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit. In one source (www.differencebetween.com) mentions that literature is a work of art which could be learnt from prose, drama, or poetry. Literature is the study of written works within a language. In English Literature, you will learn the genre and the different periods of English Literature based on when the Literature works were written. For instance, the Puritan period will have different genre or sense of the story from the Victorian Period.

So, after knowing these things, are you in love with English Linguistics or English Literature?

Those are 4 things you must know about English Language and its science. There are lots of things which we can talk about English. The most important thing is if you want to be a good English speaker or learner, you have to put your biggest effort whether to know or to learn the English itself.



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