The Place and The Time to Speak and Learn English

This world has a lot of countries and some continent and we agree that our International language is English. Some people usually use English because they have to use it, except for the countries who have announced that their mother language is English. We know that learning English is not as easy as people with their mother language learn this language. After all, one thing that we have to realize that, to make the language is easy to learn is to practice it.

Some people have their own ways to learn English. The time which they choose is according to their comfort and free time. We have to realize that learning English or using English language doesn’t need to wait for the time, but practice it every time and everywhere. People may think that if they take English course, so the place for learning English is only in that place. People may also think that if English is not mother language, do they have to use or practice it?

There are the place and the good time to speak and learn English. Would you like to know them fellas?

The Place:

  1. At the School or a course place with friends, with teacher or with lecturer

This is the best place to learn and practice your English, especially for English students. Probably, English is not your first language or your mother language but you are into English. You feel that your English is not as good as your friends, but then let’s start to practice with your friends. You think that some of your friends are very clever to speak English, ask them to speak and use English together. You can start by speaking about small talk after that you can speak about your task in English conversation.

You can also practice and speak English with your teacher or lecturer. When you want to ask about the description of the task or when you want to ask their permission to leave the class, you can speak in English. It helps although you will think that it is just a simple conversation in English.

  1. At home with family

We believe that some of your family can speak English although it is just a simple expression. Your family also thinks that it is important to learn English because it has become an International language. You will feel more comfortable when you learn with your family. You will feel less embarrassed to speak wrong expression or grammar. It is more fun to learn English together with your family, isn’t it?

  1. Studying or having a holiday abroad

This is your next level of speaking English. You have been confidence of using English and you want to use or practice it in other countries. Studying abroad may be a good choice for you. You have finished your school or your first degree in university and you think that it is better to feel different atmosphere of school or college. Having a holiday abroad is also the good choice to speak or learn English. You get two valuable occasions. First, you can get the holiday in different countries than where you are now and second, you can practice your English in those countries.

Studying or having a holiday abroad in English speaking countries is the best choice. They will provide the native speakers and you will get the lesson about how to use the grammar or the conversation well.

The Time:

  1. Everyday and every time

You don’t have to ask more about the time when you learn English. Practice it every day. You can speak to your Mom or Dad, you can speak to your fellas at home or at school, or you can speak to yourself. If you want to be a fluent person, then you’d better practice your English everyday. You think it is unusual to speak English by yourself in front of mirror, but it helps. Remember, learning and speaking English no need to think about the time when you have to speak it.

  1. In the morning

After you try to speak or use your English everyday and everytime, you need to think about other expression and the grammar itself. Try to spare your time in the morning before you start your activity. Let’s learn at least 5 different words and apply them in the sentences or let’s learn 5 different grammar topics and the tenses.

  1. In the afternoon or in the evening

These are the best time to practice your English or speak English with your fellas. After you finish your activity in a day, then you can speak or use the English by talking with your friends about your activity. You can also learn together about the English itself or the English movie, music, and entertainment. So, enjoy your time with English!

Those are the time and the place that you can apply while you are learning English. We know that every person has their own way to learn English for the choice of the time and the place. Remember, as long as you practice more your English, you don’t have to think about the place and the time. Just speak and practice your English. Now, do you have the recommendation of the time and the place for learning English?

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