English Skills To Learn for The First Time

English is an important language to learn in this era. As the international language, English is used in almost every aspects of life. English has a lot of varieties of thing to learn. People will learn English from its 4 skills. There are 4 English skills which people have to learn when they decide to learn it.

  1. Reading

Reading skill is used when you read an article/articles and you are asked to analyze the article and answer the questions which are applied after the article.

  1. Listening

Listening skill is used when you listen to a conversation, announcement, or small talk and you analyzed them and answers the question related to the topic.

  1. Speaking

Speaking skill is used when you speak to the people and talk about something. In this skill you are asked to show your ability to answer the question or bringing out the topic you will talk about.

  1. Writing

Writing skill is used when you have to write an article or an essay about a topic. You are asked to show your ability to choose the diction of the words and how to make the article is connected from the choice of the words.

Even though there are 4 skills to learn in English, if people will be asked, which is/are important English skills, they will answer differently, some people may say, reading, other people may say, listening. It’s all their choices.

Let’s take a look for 4 skills in English. All skills are important. But if you have to choose, what will you answer?

Here are some opinions from STBA Pertiwi Students about English skills to learn for the first time:

“Listening skill was the first skill I learned about English. Since I’ve watched English subtitled cartoons, movies, I fell in love with it. Then, almost at the same time, I was learning the speaking skill based on how to spell words and pronouncing new vocabularies since childhood. Those two were the most important skill of English in my opinion.” Nur Atshilla – 6th Semester STBA Pertiwi.

“Speaking : Because it’s very important to communicate to people. Without speaking, it means you can’t go overseas. It’s useless, you are only able to write English, but you can’t speak it.

Listening : It’s also important because you can comprehend what people say in English. If your listening skill is bad, it will be hard for you to communicate to others.” Achmad Badawi – 4th Semester STBA Pertiwi.

“I think speaking is the important skill in the world. But not only speaking, but the way to speak in English well and feel comfortable when we speak in English is also important. Because in real situation when I talk English or speak so many people look over me, and that I think I am not good when I speak English, so that’s why speaking is the important skill when I learn English.” Sekar Ageng Lindianie- 4th Semester STBA Pertiwi.

“Writing skill was the first skill I learned. Because I think writing is the basic one for learning English before speaking and I like write something.” Intan Laila Sari – 6th Semester STBA Pertiwi.

“The English skill that I learn for the first time is reading. When I read English sentence or word I have to know what that’s mean. When I read the song lyrics from the new song and the news, so I have to know what’s the meaning. So for me, the important things for learning and studying English is Reading skills.” M. Panca Handoko – 6th Semester STBA Pertiwi.

“I think the first English skill to learn is speaking because we will be accustomed to speak and we will be encouraged to know more vocabularies. Then, the vocabularies will remain in our mind as we use to speak English in our daily speaking. Moreover, another English skill to learn is grammar, because by learning grammar, we know the English structure which makes us not misunderstanding.” 4th Semester’s student of STBA Pertiwi.

From all the opinion, we can conclude that all the English skills are important. When a person learns English, they will choose the easy way to learn English from the skill, whether it’s from speaking, reading, listening, or reading. By the time they learn English, they will find which is the easy skill to learn first, and after that all skills must be followed afterwards.

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