Applications for Learning English

English is an International language. As we know that learning English is not easy especially if we have such a busy time. For instance, being a student and also being an employee at the same time, will cost a lot of time. Sometimes, our reasons not to learn English because we have studied at the campus, moreover, we are tired after work.
In this modern era, some people with their great skills make some these applications to be able to download and be learnt everywhere and every time. Perhaps, you, as a student, need some ways to learn English and to improve your English. Besides you have learnt from the campus and have been taught by your lecturer, but sometimes, you need to have some fun ways to recall and review the materials which have been taught. Perhaps, some of these applications will help you a lot.

1. Learning English: Audio & Video
This application comes from British Council. British Council is the representative from the British embassy which has a lot of branches around the world. They are concerned to improve the education in many different countries, especially the education which runs in English Language learning. British Council has this application called Audio and Video for learning English through many videos about many topics, but mostly they have the topics from daily activities. The application has 10 MB memory for download to your smartphone. The application also helps you to practice the language after you watch and listen to the video. You can also download some materials which maybe you want to learn it offline.


2. English Reading Daily from Awabe
Reading probably is one of the hardest skill of English. First, you have to have a lot of vocabularies on your mind so that you will understand what the meaning of the article or book is. This application might help you to build your reading skill. This application provides a lot of applications from every topics or issues. You can choose the article, you can listen to the audio article and find out some words which you don’t know through the dictionary this application provides. The memory for downloading this application is only 3 MB, it won’t eat a lot of your smartphone memories, right?

3. English Pronunciation from Awabe
Getting any difficulties to learn how to say a correct pronunciation of an English word? This application might help you a lot. You may feel uncomfortable or not confident to say a word in English because you are afraid of saying it wrong. This application will help you to say an English word correctly and after you pay attention on how to say it, you will be challenged to try to say it and this application will give you the feedback by giving the stars from 1 to 5 which means that your pronunciation is good or not. It only costs 16 MB memory for your phone. Do you dare to say it correctly? Better yes!

4. Duo Lingo
Let’s play the game through the vocabularies. With this application, we will find out a lot of vocabularies by playing them with pictures. The application provides you the level of English vocabularies from the easiest one until the hardest one. You won’t find it boring. It will help you a lot to find out the new vocabularies to improve your English. Duo Lingo is suitable for kids, teenagers and adult.

5. English Conversation Daily
This application might make you satisfied if you would like to learn about English conversation. This application will let you speak and follow the pronunciation and the words which appear on your smartphone. They will give you the feedback whether your word is well-pronounced or mispronounced. The feedback will be given by stars and they let you know which the mistakes from your English spoken. The memory will only take 4 MB from your smartphone. So, you are no longer afraid of speaking. You have some idioms or new sentences of a topic or some topics from the application that can be applied on the daily life.

Those are the applications which you might want to download in your smartphone. Remember, they are only the application, so, if you don’t practice your English on your daily life, they will be useless.

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