Which Is The Best and Fun Ways for You to Learn English?

Some people may have some difficulties in learning English. No wonder if they will try a couple of ways to learn English easily. However, they might still find some obstacles while they are using those ways. Try yourself to do another way so that you don’t feel bored. Some people may create their own ways to learn English. Here are some fun ways to learn English for the beginner to advanced level:

1. Watch your favorite movie!

We believe that some of you would like to watch movie rather than reading a book or listening to a lesson. Through the movie, you can also get a lot of life lessons. Besides, you can also learn to use English, from the actor or actress’ pronunciation, the new vocabularies which appear in the movie and also new places and history. You may want to try this, you can click the pause button of your computer or television for the movie and write down the new vocabularies which appear on the scene and find out what’s the meaning of it. If you are hard to only listen to the conversation, then you may use the English subtitle on the movie.

2. Make a conversation group and talk your favorite things

Making a group which full of your known people will help you to learn English. Of course, you have to make commitment with your friends to speak English. Then, you may decide the topic which you want to talk with your friends, even if you want to talk about someone else, but of course do not give too much time to do it. You may talk about campus life, love life, or even the update news with English. It is still allowed to speak with your own language, but of course not much.

3. Keep practice! Well, for this one you can’t deny

Practice makes perfect, it is true, especially for English Grammar lesson. We have to use one reference book which has a complete material of grammar then you have to make sure that the book has the exercise after the explanation. Do all the exercises on the book and repeat all the materials on it. You can practice the grammar lesson into speaking skill. Because for the one who uses good grammars will show their good manner, that is what good people say.


4. Make a song for the vocabularies you have got

Perhaps this is the unique way to improve your memory. Who doesn’t like songs and melody? Some people are great to make the lyrics and they’ll combine together as a song. Now, it’s your turn. Use a song you love so much and put the new vocabularies into the song! You will get it fun. You sing it again and again then you will bury the new vocabularies into your mind. But first, you have to write down some new vocabularies you want to put into the song then you listen to the song and see the vocabularies at the same time. You find it easy when you put the lyrics into one type of the vocabularies, for instance, you want to memorize the vocabularies about ‘travel’ into a song from Justin Bieber, Sorry. Some experts say most people are easy to memorize the words in the song or melody.

5. Write your diary or daily activities in English

For this one, you have to try as often as possible. Try to write the simpel word like your daily schedule at campus or work. Then, you can try to write your diary in English. Even it is only a simple story which happens in one day, you have to write it in English. You may add some daily idiom so that your English will be evolved. Some experts also say that with writing will reduce students’ stress. According to the research of Harvard University by Dr. Pennebaker, the students’ who writes their emotional experience can help them overcome emotional inhibition (http://www.health.harvard.edu/healthbeat/writing-about-emotions-may-ease-stress-and-trauma). So, you will get two advantages of writing an article or something. Your stress will be reduced and your English will be evolved.

6. Reading a book still help you to improve your reading skills

You don’t have to read the thick book or a novel if you don’t really like reading. You can try to read Saga, the story which has only 5 paragraphs. As well, you can try to read an article from the update news online. There are a lot of online source you can find, such as Jakarta Post, BBC News or CNN News for the article which is written in English.

So now, it’s your choice! Which ways is suitable for you to learn English? It’s all fun to try. Do not forget to always practice your English wherever you are!

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